client list

A K Worthington Limited
Aberdeen Asset Managers
Bangor Estate Company
Bluemantle Group
Bracken Limited
Clarence House Limited
Co op
Collingwood Rigby
Combined Property Control
Commercial Estates Group
Crown Oil Pension Fund
David Samuel Properties
Deekay Management Limited
District Estates
Dorchester Properties
Eric Wright Group
Excelsior Properties
F&C Reit
Fortlands Limited
Glasgow City Council
Grammont Properties
Gregs Buildings Limited
ING Real Estate
J & M Property Management
J C Deacaux
Kooga Rugby (JD Sports)
LaSalle Investment Management
Lloyds TSB
Manchester University
Mutley Properties

New Age Developments
Newby Court
Norbain Limited
North Wales NHS Trust
Nottinghamshire County Council
NW4 Group
Peel Holdings
Pemberton Leisure Homes
Pottersby Limited
Quorum Estates
Rugby Estates
Seddon Estates
Smith Nicholas
South Tyneside Council
Sovreign Properties
St Modwen Developments
Standard Life Investments
Threadneedle Investments
Torton Investments
Travis Perkins
Trigon Snacks
UK Retail Investments Limited
United Utilities
West Pennine Trucks
Wilmslow Property Company
World Freight Centre Limited
Zurich Assurance


*Please note this list is by no means exhaustive and we would like to thank all our clients for their continued support.

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