OUR SERVICES - dispute resolution

Our ultimate aim is to achieve the best possible result for our client at the minimum cost. Therefore, our objective is to reach rent review settlements and agree lease renewal terms by negotiation. However, this is not always possible, which sometimes results in the need to appoint an Arbitrator or Independent Expert in the case of a rent review or to apply to the Courts or revert to PACT (Professional Arbitration on Court Terms) in the case of a lease renewal. Each process involves strict adhesion to rules and deadlines and can be costly. It is, therefore, essential to employ the services of a surveyor with significant experience in the area of Dispute Resolution.

At Kelsall Williams, we have the experience and expertise to deal with any aspect of Dispute Resolution, whether it is related to a rent review, lease renewal or indeed, other lease covenants. This could ultimately involve the preparation of Written Submissions or representation in Court, in addition to advice on a number of the following areas: